Samson and his long hair

Samson is the most famous long hair man that lived, as his hair was the source of his strength.   Long hair has been back since the Hippies of the 1960’s, as far as men are concerned.  Of course men have had long hair since the Stone age along with women.  Then in the 1600’s the White wigs for the upper crust of society was the vogue.  Even now the Parliament still wear those white wigs from the 1600 style.  Then there is the long hair music referring to the old composers of the 1600’s like Mozart who wore those white haired wigs.  Today men even wear hair bands like the 1960’s to keep their bangs out of their eyes.  Braids and ponytails are also popular.  One version of the ponytail is the mullet.  Men go to styling salons now as apposed to barbershops, famous for crew cuts.   Men are buying creme rinses for their hair like women.  When the Beatles came along with their Beatles cut which was long as apposed to crew cuts.  Yet it barely touched their ears, or the back of their shirts touched their collars, but they had bangs.  Then they grew their hair long past their shoulders except Paul McCartney.  There are also different versions of shag hair cuts that are popular today.  Long hair definitely seems to more popular today than ever and usually a sign of deviant people as a posed to young children.

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